Why Do You Need To Wear Toe Alignment Socks?

02 Jan

The hammertoe condition is where there is a deformity on the toes where they bend downwards starting from the center joint that makes it resemble a hammer. They symptoms are just a mild inconvenience which later evolve and become a severe a condition. In the beginning the affected toes are still flexible. However, if you notice the symptoms and do not get treatment on how to manage the toes the toes eventually become rigid and might eventually require a surgical remedy.

More often than not, hammertoe is as a result of footwear. If you wear high heels you will notice they make the toes to overlap on one another making them to bend up. If you wear shoes that are not fitting properly your feet will develop hammertoe. A lot of pain is caused by hammertoes as they are forced to bend unnaturally. Further, the toes adjacent are also forced to assume an odd position.

There are other causes of which include, they could be hereditary, arthritis, injury or trauma on the foot or toes causing fractures or they become jammed and muscle or nerve damage on the foot. Know more here!

The symptoms of hammertoe are corns which appear on the top of the forward foot, claw-like or hammer appearance, calluses can also form on the joint protruding from the toe or the bottom of the foot, when it is hard to move the toes and finally where you experience pain when walking or moving the foot.

Now, if these symptoms are left unattended, the pressure and irritation on the joint where a blister develops and eventually becomes a corn. The corn is then infected and results in other symptoms like redness and bleeding. Corns are the reason why hammertoes are painful.

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What Is The Diagnosis For Hammertoe?

When your doctor diagnosis that you have hammertoe you stand a better opportunity to receive wider and positive prognosis options of treatments. In case your hammertoe is still relatively flexible, foot or toe alignment socks are the best choice to aid in relieving most of the pain prior to visiting a podiatrist. The toe alignment socks are made to gradually and slowly reposition the hammertoe back into its expected position. They also help to lessen some or most of the pain. The diagnosis that your podiatrist will give will be after inspecting your feet and sometimes there may be the need for an x-ray to determine the sternness and to decide the right course of treatment to administer.

Hammertoe is a painful situation, however if diagnosed early and you wear toe alignment socks and proper shoes it is possible that you will begin to get relief from the ailment on the foot. Your podiatrist or doctor should be able to detect the formation of a hammertoe and advise on the best treatment option. Click here!

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